Proof The Ultimate Reset Works



  • Rory M. “I don't need to sleep as much. Everything feels lighter. I'm a different person, living in the same skin.” Rory M.
  • Pete H. “Without losing a lot of muscle, I got down as lean as I could.” Pete H.
  • Dr. Farzam “On the Reset Program I actually saw the most drastic and impressive results.” Dr. Farzam
  • Anne G. “My experience with the Reset was life changing. It just recharged me as a person.” Anne G.
  • Tim K. “Before, I had so much pain. After the Reset, I can deal with it without any medications.” Tim K.
  • Chad G. “I lost 14 pounds which astounded me.” Chad G.
  • Mike A. “The Reset elevated my fitness and nutrition to the next level.” Mike A.
  • Eddie D. “I love what the Ultimate Reset did for me. It changed my life.” Eddie D.
  • Heather P. “I learned when my body was saying I was truly hungry.” Heather P.
  • Jennifer G. “The Reset was life-changing. It recharged me as a person.” Jennifer G.
  • Alex P. “With the Reset, I learned to cook quick, delicious meals.” Alex P.
  • Eddie O. “After the Ultimate Reset, I felt like a new person.” Eddie O.
  • David B. and Darcy B. “I'm getting good sleep, my focus is spot on. We're less stressed, calmer, and getting along better than ever.” David B. and Darcy B.
  • Patricia K. “I didn't think I could ever feel this good again. It's a game changer.” Patricia K.
  • Jennifer K. “I felt absolutely satisfied throughout the 3 weeks. Now I feel phenomenal—cleaner and lighter on the inside and outside.” Jennifer K.
  • Keith H. “I feel like a new person, headed to a healthier lifestyle. The Reset has been life-transforming.” Keith H.
  • Lisette V. “I have a lot of energy, I'm feeling good. I'm refocused on my path to weight loss.” Lisette V.
  • Edyta B. “I'm bursting with energy. The jeans I bought 2 months ago are a little loose—I guess I have to go shopping!” Edyta B.
  • Sara B. “I'm in better shape, seeing incredible results and more definition from my workouts.” Sara B.
  • Erik K. “It used to take me 2 hours to wake up. Now I jump out of bed! It's a new chapter in my health.” Erik K.
  • Lior G. “It's like my metabolism started working again. I feel great.” Lior G.
  • Theda P. “My feeling of well-being was absolutely tremendous. The Reset community was fantastic.” Theda P.
  • Luisa R. “The Reset took me back to the way I used to be. I felt like I hit the lottery.” Luisa R.
  • Joy G. “It's easier to wake up. It's reinvigorated my sensuality, and I've definitely been getting more attention.” Joy G.
  • Maria A. “Now when I wake up, I want to do stuff, I want to have fun. I have that energy that I didn't have before.” Maria A.
  • Robin H. “I've de-puffed—my face has gone back to what it should have been. I definitely feel a difference.” Robin H.
  • Patricia P. and Russel P. “It's been good for the whole family. We did it together, and it's been a complete change and renewal for us.” Patricia P. and Russel P.
  • Chika R. “I feel peaceful. I feel very balanced, and it makes everything better. I feel great.” Chika R.
  • Dawn A. “My skin cleared up! I had contact dermatitis, but now my hands are completely healed.” Dawn A.
  • Eric D. “My weight loss feels amazing. Going forward, I'm using the habits I've developed as stepping stones for the rest of my life.” Eric D.
  • Garrison B. “My flexibility has increased, my joints feel more lubricated, and I have less pain. I'm so happy!” Garrison B.
  • Bryan C. “All my muscle is still there—it's just leaner and tighter. My body feels like it's totally regenerating itself. This is the way that life should feel!” Bryan C.
  • Angela D. “For the first time in my life, I have normal blood pressure. The Ultimate Reset gave me back my life.” Angela D.
  • Jeanette C. “No more hot flashes! My skin feels softer, my face has cleared up. The Reset has been a transformation to a younger me.” Jeanette C.
  • Lawrence C. “My taste buds are more alive. My energy level—it's like I have a battery hooked up to my body. I'm a better role model for my family.” Lawrence C.
  • Cedric J. “I knocked 2 minutes off of my 5-mile run! For the first time, my boxing coach gave me a compliment. I feel like I have a fresh start.” Cedric J.
  • Larry R. and Sukari R. “It's a life-transforming process. Going through the Reset with my wife was the best thing I could have done.” Larry R. and Sukari R.
  • Nancy M. “My allergy symptoms significantly decreased. I'm definitely more agile. I'm lighter, and I can move quicker, faster, and easier.” Nancy M.
  • Jumpstart your health

    Flush Out Toxins

    "I lost 14 pounds, which astounded me."
    —Chad G.

  • Optimize your performance

    Have More Energy

    "I have lost 15 pounds, and my cholesterol has dropped over 36 points. My metabolic age has gone down to 16. I'm sleeping better, I feel better, I'm pretty." —Alex P.

  • Take it to the next level

    Sleep More Soundly

    "I lost 13 pounds, dropped 4 dress sizes, and dropped 16 points in cholesterol."
    —Heather P.

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What the program can do for you

  • Russel P “I lost 27lbs during the course of the cleanse.” - Russel P.
  • Robin H “The Cleanse is absolutely not a starvation diet.” - Robin H.
  • Luisa R “I feel like if I'm 20 years younger.” - Luisa R
  • Keith H “The reset is a new beginning.” - Keith H

What People Are Saying

Yes! I'm ready to transform my body and rediscover my true healthy self.START NOW »